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HVAC Filter Vs HEPA Filter

Le 18 March 2015, 07:53 dans Humeurs 0

HVAC filter and HEPA filter are useful filtering equipment, but they have many differences in many ways. What follows is the information about HVAC filter vs HEPA filter. You can learn it now! HVAC filter vs HEPA filter in definition. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air (filter or filtration). A true panel filters product is an air filter that can trap tiny particles down to .3 microns. In order to earn the HEPA rating, they must do so with 99.97 percent efficiency. This is effective enough to remove most particles from the air. HVAC is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. Air Purifier HEPA Filters  design is a sub discipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Refrigeration is sometimes added to the field's abbreviation as HVAC&R or HVACR, or ventilating is dropped as in HACR (such as the designation of HACR-rated circuit breakers).

HVAC filter vs HEPA filter in functions. HEPA filters cannot be used in conventional forced-air heating and cooling systems without serious equipment modifications. This is because they likely will require a more powerful blower or air handler to maintain airflow through the dense filtration media, and also because they won't fit into the standard compartment for air filters. Often, HEPA filtration is handled in free-standing air-cleaning units.Discount Air Filters offer the following related benefits like fewer airborne particles and less dust in your home, better indoor air quality and fewer problems with allergies and asthma. For families with asthma and allergy problems, these benefits easily outweigh the potential cost. On the contrast, HVAC is important in the design of medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and in marine environments such as aquariums, where safe and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from outdoors.

HVAC filters are made to trap larger particles as air passes through the unit's main ventilation area, missing smaller particles and leaving large amounts of air unclean. An HVAC delivers V cell filters either warm or cool air throughout your home; consequently, while the HVAC system is working hard to regulate airflow and temperature, its air filter has only a limited reach.

Just like an HEPA Air Filter, most high-efficiency air purifiers utilize HEPA style technology, but with more efficiency. If HVAC air filters used as much HEPA style material as an air purifier, it would restrict air flow in your home, causing abnormal wear on your HVAC's motor, resulting in higher maintenance costs. Seen from above, HVAC filter vs HEPA filter differs in many ways. If you are in need of HVAC filter, you can directly visit for further information.

Home Air Filters: Knowing Which One to Choose

Le 6 November 2014, 03:59 dans Humeurs 0

Since air filters are one of the bests tools for eradicating allergens from your home, more people are using them than ever before. The trick is to find the one that works best for you, depending upon your specific needs. Before going shopping, arm yourself with some facts, so that you'll be more prepared to choose an air filter, rather than listening to various sales pitches from merchants who are interested in making a quick buck. Of the five major types of air filters, here's a quick look at four of them - one type (the ozone air filter) is not environmentally friendly, and consumers are not encouraged to purchase filters of this type.

Mechanical Filters - One of the best types of mechanical filters is the Super Fine Filter, which forces air through a special screen that traps allergens such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander. If there are any smokers in the house, a HEPA filtered device will also trap smoke and other airborne irritants. Those devices which are unable to trap at least 90% of these particles are ineligible to qualify as a HEPA filtering device. When shopping for mechanical filters of this type, be sure that they truly meet HEPA filtering standards, and that you're not purchasing a cheap imitation that will offer substandard performance.

Gas Phase Filters - This type of air filter is not used for the removal of allergens in the home, but rather for removing odors and other types of pollutants, such as gasses from perfume, cooking, paint or building materials. In a home that needs to eliminate allergies which are triggered by exposure to certain odors, this would be sufficient, rather than the Air filter for shopping mall, which is designed to remove absolute allergens that are not gas based.

Electronic Filters - Of the different types of electronic filters, the most effective at trapping allergens is the style which uses electrostatic precipitators with a fan. In the case of electronic filters, electric charges are used to attract and trap allergens and other contaminants. Strive to find one that includes collecting plates so that the particles are trapped within the unit. Otherwise, you'll end up having to clean all of the surfaces within the home, because the allergens will stick to them. In the case of self-contained units that include plates, they'll also need to be cleaned, but this is a much smaller task than cleaning all of the surfaces of the home's interior. We offer Super Fine Filters

Hybrid Filters - Simply put, these air filters offer a combination of those characteristics which are found in both electrostatic and mechanical filters. These may be preferred by those with allergens other than gas based contaminants, but offer trapping devices for containing allergens.

In addition to knowing the types of Air filter for airport, you'll also need to consider things such as which types of contaminants will be removed from the air; the efficiency of the filter when compared to HEPA standards; whether the size of the air filter system will be large enough to continuously clean the allotted space at least every six minutes; the clean air delivery rate of the filter; whether the unit is silent or noisy; and how easy or difficult it may be to change the filter, when necessary.

How Beneficial is Air Filter Replacement?

Le 21 October 2014, 04:35 dans Humeurs 0

Have you ever realised the importance of replacing the AHU Air Filters of your car? It is really surprising to know its importance in preventing many engine problems from occurring. It is the only thing that keeps all small damaging particles out of your engine, helping your vehicle to be at its best.

Almost everyone realises the importance of fuel filters for cars, but only a few realises the importance of the air filter. Replacing it routinely ensures your car runs smoothly performing at its best. For a better understanding, let's go through the benefits you can enjoy from replacing your vehicle's air filter.

Benefits of replacement


A dirty and worn air filter can cause great damage to your vehicle, reducing the efficiency of its performance. We use the Gel Seal Hepa Filters. The one that are regularly cleaned and replaced outperform those with dirt and poor quality filters.

If your vehicle's Hepa filter H14 is clogged, it will reduce the amount of air flow available to the engine, thereby limiting the amount of air in it. This will prevent your car from using the amount of fuel it is meant to use, which in return will drop its performance.


This replacement saves your expenditure on gas, helping your vehicle's engine to operate in its most efficient manner. In contrast, using a dirty filter will limit the amount of air into the engine, thereby reducing the amount your vehicle needs to burn fuel. We supply HEPA Box. This will allow small particles to enter your vehicle's engine causing additional problems.

Replacing it, gives better mileage to your vehicle, avoiding problems created due to dirt particles entering your car.

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